Opportunity for Science Fiction Writers with World Experience

I've written a screenplay which contains 800 background characters - making it impossible for me to include all of them in the story. Therefore, I'm inviting aspiring writers to submit a short story (1,000 - 2,500 words) about one of these unused characters (Location listed w/o any associated name, non-speaking, and speaking information listed).

The basic premise of the story should be:

  • Aliens have identified selected teens from around the world (See Abductees page).
  • Local, State and Federal Agencies have been tasked with rounding up the teens.
  • Authors should select an unused location and then create a teen, (family & friends) and, using locally available resources, describe the hunt and eventual apprehension of the teen, which will then be taken to the alien transportation facility at Cairo, Egypt. 
  • Without exception, the selected teen, or a clever substitute, must be delivered. In the event, a teen is killed during the apprehension process a new teen is selected; as the aliens are very determined to get what they came for.